Chair of Dairy science


Although the work of the chair and institute strongly intertwines, the main activity of the Chair of Dairy Science is education, while the primary operation of the Institute focused mainly on scientific research and routine analysis of milk and milk products. The pedagogical process is carried out at various stages of Bologna study programmes (BSc, MSc) at Biotechnical faculty (BF), University of Ljubljana. Through the lectures students gain basic and advanced knowledge about the properties of milk and dairy products, milk processing, about the technological processes of fermented dairy products manufacturing together with the accompanying biochemical processes, about functional foods and their functional ingredients (probiotics, prebiotics, bioactive peptides,...) and about the importance of ensuring safety and quality of food. Most of the theoretical knowledge is practically applied in laboratory work, where according to given instructions, students perform analyses of milk, they make fermented dairy products (yogurt, cheese) and analyse their chemical and sensory properties, as well as they get acquainted with the execution of some tests that can classify certain lactic acid bacteria as "probiotic". Most of the time young researchers are present at the Chair of Dairy Science, where they in-depth their knowledge of the specific area in which they have worked and from which the resulting thesis should make a substantial original contribution to the field of study.