Research in the field of probiotics

We have several years of experiences in the probiotic research which was started already in the 90s. Our activities in this field include isolation of unique strains with probiotic properties from different environments, tracing and quantification of individual strains during the passage through the digestive tract and in probiotic products and determination of the safety and functionality of probiotic bacteria in vitro and in vivo.

The acquisition of new probiotic bacterial strains from different environments

Environments from which the potential ...

Development of methods for quality control of milk and probiotic products

In the frame of various basic or applied research projects and in collaboration with industrial partners we develop new methods for determination of the quality of dairy and probiotic products based on conventional microbiological and molecular techniques. For conventional plate counting of microorganisms, various selective and non-selective medium are used. The selectivity of particular media are tested by PCR and gel electrophoresis.

We have experiences with the use of PCR and real-time PCR to detect the presence or quantify of individual bacterial strains, particular species, genera or broader taxonomic groups in various products, such as fermented milk products, vegetable ...

Study of microbiota in different environments

We study microbiome or microbiota, with an emphasis on lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, in different environments where these groups of bacteria are found: milk of animals, human milk, dairy products, human and animal gut, clinical samples - intestinal mucosa, faeces,...

Our studies focus on:

  • Determination of the composition of the microbiota or mikrobiome (conventional and molecular methods, methods of next generation sequencing..). In collaboration with other researchers (Chair of Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology at Department ...

Other studies

In addition to the development of methods for studying microbiota and probiotics, our research includes studies of the indigenous dairy products (cheese), and of peptides and proteins in milk and milk products.

Study of autochthonous dairy products

Research on autochthonous dairy products (cheese) includes:
  • Determination of the autochthonous cheeses’ microbiota/mikrobiome composition;
  • Isolation of typical representatives of the autochthonous cheeses’ microbiota;
  • Assembling tailor-made starters for particular autochthonous cheeses and
  • Development ...