Project NUTRI-PROTECT - Children and adults nutrition as a protective or health-risk factor

Nutrition can positively or negatively affect health throughout the entire life cycle, and especially during the period of health programming in the early stages of life. A key scientific challenges addressed in the ...

Projekt Magic: Characterization of in vitro model to study MAmmary Gland mIcrobial Colonisation

Mother's milk is a valuable source of bacteria for the infant gut. With every breastfeeding the baby gets approximately one million of different bacteria, which are important for the development of his immune system ...

Nutrition and microbial ecology of gastrintestinal tract

The program group P4-0097 involves researchers from the Department of Animal Science BF (Institute of Dairy Science and Probiotics, Chair of ...

Ongoing projects with industry

We cooperate with the industrial partners in the field of quality control of dairy and probiotic products and in the development of new products. In recent years, many efforts were devoted to the development of ...

TRP - Organic and conventional farming systems for goat milk production

In this targeted research project (TRP), participate researchers from:

•    Department of Animal Science (UL BF) (Chair for Cattle, Horse, Small Ruminants and Poultry Breeding, ...