Sensory analysis

Sensory analysis of milk and milk products are carried out in accordance with ISO 22935-2/IDF 99-2. The evaluators have a high degree of education on field of food and food technology. The adequacy of their sensory evaluations is regularly verified by participating in international inter-laboratory testing (since 2007) and with regular participation in committees for sensory evaluation of milk and milk products.

The results of sensory analysis can take a 20-point or 5-point system in accordance with ISO 22935-3/IDF 99-3. Since the evaluators are trained and familiar with the technological requirements for milk and milk products, in addition to numerical estimates, the opinion with description of errors can be given.

The laboratory of Institute of Dairy Science and Probiotics is accredited by Slovenian Accreditation with accreditation number LP-62 in the field of testing (SIST EN ISO 17025:2017).